PASS summit Keynote V.20

Today PASS Summit v.20 (2018) had the first keynote with a lot of really big annoucements. I have tried to sum up some of the new cool features for you to have an overview.

Azure SQL Database

Public preview of Machine Learning Services with support for R have been announced for Azure SQL Database. In addition to the support of R for the ML Services it have been announced that it is planned to add Python at a later stage.

The capabilities covers the abilities to run R Script where the data resides and as well simply operationalize these by embedding them into T-SQL Stored procedures.

This is one of my personal favorites since this will enable a lot of business to simplify their setup for operation purposes and reduciton of services in Azure.

For more information, see the Azure SQL Server blog

Azure SQL Data Warehouse

It have been announced that Azure SQL Data Warehouse now support capabilities to prioritize query execution ensuring that high business value work gets priority.

In addition, SQL Data Warehouse now offers native row level security with integration to Azure Active Directory.

Finally SQL Server Data Tool (SSDT) support for Azure SQL Data Warehouse have been announced in preview. This is inteded to bring the well-known experience of version control, test automation and CI/CD offerings to the Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

For more information, see the Azure SQL Data Warehouse blog

Power BI

Dataflows have been announced available in public preview.

In short dataflows is the possibility to utilize Power Query in a rich web-interface. This will enable Power BI with capabilities to easily ingest, cleanse, integrate and schematize data.

It will be possible to use dataflows to do the complex data prepration which Power Query is currently helping you solve.

When data have been loaded it will be possible to place these in Azure Data Lake Service Gen2 for storage and further transformation and handling using a wide verity of Azure services such as Data FActory, Databrick, SQL Data Warehouse etc.

For more information, see the announment blog

Paginated Reports in the Power BI Service is now supported as part of the Power BI Service for customers running Power BI Premium. When the capability is enabled within Power BI Premium dedicated capacity will be in place to ensure rendringer.

For more information, see the Power BI blog

When the video is available i will ensure to link to timings for the different details