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Tabular Editor 2.0

The second version of Tabular Editor have been released offering a lot of great new features. These features covers a lot which will speed up your development activities and abilities to deploy easily.

With this release the deployment wizard have been added together with the possibility to do advanced scripting using C#. In addition to these major features  a lot of smaller improvements have been implemented to simplify a lot of tasks for you as a developer.


In the new version of Tabular Editor a deployment wizard have been introduced which introduces the option to decide which part of the model should be deployed.

Especially the support to control if connection strings and roles should be deployed is a really nice improvement.


Most of you have probably been struggling with keeping the members of the roles aligned between your deployed model and the setup in your project. Most of you working with tabular models have probably experienced unsatisfied business users when access is lost when deployment is performed.

Tabular Editor is now able to update the implemented security on table level and leaving the existing members in the roles.

Deploy Roles

This option will update configuration for tables in the database to reflect the configuration available in model.

Deploy Role Members

When this is unchecked the security setup will be updated but the members of the roles will not be changed.


Working with tabular models in different environments you have probably been in a situation where connection strings pointing towards QA or development environments has ended up in your production model.

With this option being introduced in the deployment wizard there is no longer a reason to fear this being an issues going forward.

Table Partitions

In cases where you want to keep specific partitions in your model an option have been added for you to discard any differences on these.

This is extremely beneficial in situations where some automated updated of partition have been implemented to optimise performance or processing speed.

Advanced scripting

This is a really cool feature which enables you to write small pieces of C# code to automate your work. This can be more complex code pieces doing a lot of addition or changes to the model or simplifying the trivial tasks such as applying display  folder os rename measures.

When working with the advanced script editor you can either choose to access the entire model object or working with selections which you have done in the tree browser.

Model object

Working with the model object you will have access to most of the descendant objects and methods which is part of the Tabular Object Model (TOM). This includes objects for tables, measures, translation and perspective.

Selections in the model hierarchy

This options allow you to select one or more object in the model explorer tree and then execute a script against these. To do this a Selected object is introduced which enables you to access the different type of objects which have been selected.

This is really cool an enables you to do a lot of corrections and changes - inclusive copying these between different names, perspectives, translations or other object settings.When scripting changes or modification to the model you will be able to use the build-in IntelliSense to easily see some of the available LINQ methods supported for the objects. To have a full overview of the functionality please see the LINQ-to-Objects documentation.

Other features in this release

Lots of new features in this release:

  • Undo/Redo functionality
  • Custom Actions via scripting
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Improved Drag’n’drop support
  • Edit perspectives and cultures
  • View table partitions and DAX definitions for Calculated Tables

Within the next couple of week i will be writing some additional posts and videos to demonstrate these features and some of more complex examples over the above functions.

You will find the latest version of the Tabular Editor on the official GitHub page

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